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        Civiction is a talyst for positive change, turning collaboration into action to build better, more inclusive cities.

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        What do a not-for-profit program coordinator, the CEO of a bank, a politician, a technology entrepreneur, and a recent graduate have in common? More than you might think.

        For nearly 20 years, Civiction has brought together senior executives from every sector, government officials from every level, and rising leaders from across the region to tackle the biggest challenges facing the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

        As Civiction continues to convene, collaborate, and co-create new solutions for better, more inclusive cities, we ll on leaders from all sectors and backgrounds to join us.

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        How we work.

        There is nothing more important to our future than leadership, which is why we prepare, connect, and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

        Active Initiatives Topics

        Inclusion Ontario

        The Ontario government in partnership with Civiction is bringing public, private, and non-profit sector organizations together to identify concrete actions employers n take to enhance workplace opportunities for Indigenous, Black, and racialized employees.

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        ReAction Forum

        In June 2020, Civiction brought together 300 civic leaders together for the Re:Action Forum, a virtual gathering to shape our region’s collective reaction to COVID-19.

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        HireNext is a free made-in-nada tool that helps employers better hire and retain diverse, young talent. By helping employers better recruit, screen, onboard and most importantly retain entry-level talent, HireNext takes the guesswork out of creating more open, accessible, and inclusive hiring and HR practices.

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        YouthConnect equips youth and youth workers with critil pre-employment skills that are relevant across sectors. For the last six years, we have worked across Toronto, Hamilton, lgary, Halifax, and more.

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        DiverseCity Fellows

        The Civiction Leadership Foundation’s DiverseCity Fellows program is an award-winning leadership experience for diverse rising leaders in the greater Toronto region who are looking to supercharge their leadership skills and network, explore urban issues, and discover how to make a positive change in their communities.

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        Emerging Leaders Network

        The Civiction Leadership Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) connects, develops, and activates rising leaders from across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Created in 2006, the ELN is now 2800+ rising leaders strong, including DiverseCity Fellows alumni, and represents a wide range of ethno-cultural backgrounds, communities, and sectors throughout the GTHA.

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        Civiction Leadership Foundation

        The great David Peut once said, “a city that is filled with civic entrepreneurs practicing collective leadership will be able to face any challenge and do all kinds of great things”. The Civiction Leadership Foundation is committed to doing just that – building the collective leadership pacity of our region. Built on the belief that there is nothing more important to the future of our communities than preparing those who will lead them, the Civiction Leadership Foundation provides high impact leadership programs that open doors, minds & opportunities for young, emerging, and equity-deserving leaders in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA).